1859 Historic National Hotel

The Story Behind 1859 Historic National Hotel

Ahh this is a tale of everlasting love and eternal heartbreak. In the 1800s lived a young woman by the name of Flora. Now known as Flo, she lived in New York with her grandmother. But at 19 years old, her grandmother passed away. Flo decided she will do like many others at this time and head West. During her long train ride she met Henry, a handsome young lawyer. They instantly fell in love and by the time they had reached California, they were engaged. 

The two quickly made arrangements to wed in Jamestown. While staying at The National Hotel, Flo began planning the wedding. She made a dress. He bought her a ring. Then on the morning of December 26th, tragedy struck. 

A drunk man entered the hotel and shot Henry. By accident or malice, it is not known, but Henry was killed. 

Flo was heartbroken. She cried day and night. But on New Years Eve, the sounds of weeping stopped. The hotel staff entered Flo's room to find her sitting by the window, peacefully, in her wedding dress. Dead. No foul play was suspected. It was believed she died of heartbreak.



Flo is a playful, almost cheerful presence. Although, she does like to make her presence known so if you have any doubts, she won't let that happen. Expect to feel sudden temperature changes, light flickers, and mysterious movements. If you're a lucky one and happen to be on the 2nd floor, you may even catch a glimpse of Flo in her wedding dress. 

Hotel Informaiton

  • Free Public Parking 
  • Free WiFi  
  • Bar
  • Restaurant (à la carte)
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Antique Furniture
  • Sun terrace
  • Golf course (2 miles)
  • Yosemite park (24 miles)